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Winter 2016 Issue



Lift Up Thine Eyes

Norman Rockwell’s paintings offered a hopeful vision for America. BYU professors share personal responses to classics.


Between Heaven and Earth

Dirt under her fingernails, stars in her eyes, planetary geologist Jani Radebaugh uses Earth’s edges to understand Io.


Run Like A Horse

Take direction, work hard, sweat the small things, and give life all you've got.



An Influence for Good

In ways large and small, hundreds of thousands of BYU alumni make a positive difference in the world.

At The Y

At the Y

More Than Just a Suit

Rose Marie Reid’s swimwear made millions—and helped fund construction of a temple.

At the Y

An Organ Just for You

Chemical engineering professor Alonzo D. Cook is breaking ground in tissue engineering to reduce the organ deficit.

At the Y

Sitake Comes Home

A defensive-minded former player will lead Cougar football next season.

At the Y

Finding Zion in Provo

Like Abraham Smoot, India Johnson initially would have sooner gone to Hell than to Provo.

At the Y

Stopping CO2 Cold

BYU professor’s “game changer” may be the solution to CO2 emissions.

At the Y

Count Bites, Cut Pounds

People who counted and reduced their bites by 20-30% over a month lost four pounds in a recent BYU study.

At the Y

Flipping a New Coin

BYU illustration professor, Justin B. Kunz, designed a coin that will see national circulation this year.

Alumni News

Alumni News

People Builder

After nearly dropping out as a student, thanks to mentors he thrived at BYU. Now he’s the one doing the mentoring.

Alumni News

Band Nerd to Rock Star

The high-kicking violin star Lindsey Stirling reflects on her path to becoming queen of YouTube.

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

Making Big Blue Waves

Jacob Taylor is probably the most accomplished BYU athlete whose name you don’t recognize—yet.

Out of the Blue

No Place Like Home

Winning in Provo was the norm for BYU teams during fall 2015, when every sport finished undefeated at home.