Winter 2014 Issue



Works of Grace

The MOA director and religious works curator provide insights into paintings of the Savior by three European masters.


Diving into History

Fritz Hanselmann reflects on his decision to use his love of diving to study shipwrecks on the bottom of the ocean.


A Pattern for a Joyful Life

Stitch by stitch, we can continue, rejoicing, knowing the Lord is with us: the importance of choosing joy.


Family Focus

Families of Diversity

Families of diversity must be ready to examine motives, build identities, and embrace differences.

BYU Today

BYU Today

BYU’s Biggest Luger

National champion Kate Hansen slides toward Sochi in her quest for the Olympics.

BYU Today

Provo’s National Parks

Folk band The National Parks, made up of BYU students, is rocking the iTunes charts.

Alumni News

Alumni News

Painting Memories

Larry Macfarlane does family history work—by painting others' childhoods.

Alumni News

Courage, Faith, and Vision

Essay winner Megan Armknecht honored George H. Brimhall and his vision to unite the sacred and the secular.

Out of the Blue