Summer 2017 Issue



Big Lang at BYU

Disney, Netflix, and Chief Justice John Roberts are paying attention to the work of one word-mining professor.


What’s Killing Journalism?

The Fourth Estate is in shambles. Experts from Atlantic, Fox News, CNN and more talk how—and who—can save it.


Y, How You’ve Changed

The changes of the last decade have brought a new sheen to campus while maintaining the familiar spirit of BYU.


Audacious Faith

See the most singular ways LDS doctrine stands apart—and why Mormons should be fearless living it.


Family Focus

A House Undivided

More women are working outside the home—but they are still doing lion’s share of housework. Why?


A Common Humanity

The BYU rep at an NCAA event on the divisive issue of sexual orientation sheds new light for

First Person

Parking Predicaments

When it comes to campus parking, demand is high and supply is low. The result? A legacy of hilarious parking stories.

At The Y

At the Y

Hot Jupiter!

BYU astronomers’ patient plotting tipped off the discovery of a massive, sizzling-hot planet.

At the Y

Light Attracts Light

Drawn to BYU for its Honor Code, catholic Connor Sullivan found a deeper faith—and converted his family.

At the Y

Lego Earthquakes

Want to wrap your head around time reversal? A BYU physicist breaks it down shooting sound waves at Legos.

At the Y

Model Students

BYU’s Model UN team have earned the highest designation for 14 years in a row, and this year was no different.

At the Y

All Fun and Names

Meet BYU-discovered Jimmer the virus and Bigfoot the bug.

At the Y

Extinct No More

BYUtv's new thriller, Extinct, features spaceships, explosions, aliens, and sci-fi drama.

At the Y

Late-Night Eats

If you have the midnight munchies, look no further than Five Sushi Brothers and Chip Cookies.

At the Y

An Homage to Female Heroes

How many female greats can you name in this 40-foot mural done by Beatles album-cover artist Jann Haworth?

Alumni News

Alumni News

Cancer Killer

Alum Craig Meyers stumbled upon a virus that can kill any form of cancer. Will it work in people?

Alumni News

Finding Her Voice

When alumna Jennifer Lynn speaks, her family hears a miracle—a miracle that began in a hospital bed and continues daily.

Alumni News

Looking Back: Dramatic Readings

Students record a spot in 1946—the year student Owen Rich started the KBYU station. If only we had the recording.

Alumni News

Like Falling in Love

BYU alum Hayley Smith overcame an eating disorder by immersing herself in Arabic and serving refugees.

Alumni News

Islamic Renaissance Man

An alum’s study of ancient Islamic science has him questioning the “West is best” mentality.

Alumni News

Learning to Fly (Fish)

There are fish, sure—but that is certainly not the best catch on these construction-management outings.

Alumni News

Learning for Life: Summer 2017

Alums share stories of using their BYU degrees to make their homes and communities a better place to live.

Alumni News

Cycle and Recycle

An alumni couple are motivating people to move from behind the wheel to atop a bike with the Provo Bicycle Collective.

Alumni News

Father Edwards

See how BYU is planning to honor the great LaVell Edwards.

Alumni News

Heart and Mind

A new magazine section, “Letters from Home,” launches with a piece on discerning truth from an insult.

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

Forty-Year Find

When they began, dinosaur veteran Brooks Britt and his team had no idea they were unearthing a new species.

Out of the Blue

Team A Lot

This all-female, faculty-only flag football squad celebrates first downs like touchdowns.