Summer 2012 Issue




After a mission left him doubting he would ever compete again, this athlete now has a bigger goal—the Olympics.


Patterns of Faith

A Museum of Art exhibit offers a journey of learning—and unlearning—about Islam.


Trash Talk

Professor Jaron C. Hansen is turning trash into a clean energy source through anaerobic digesters.


Family Focus

The Benefits of Mommy Blogging

Research shows increased marital satisfaction and less parenting stress are just some of the blessings of blogging.

At The Y

At the Y

Violin with a High Kick

Taking a funky dance step away from classical music, violinist Lindsey Stirling found YouTube fame.

BYU Today

BYU Today

Ask an Expert: Wise Up, Voters

How can I fact-check questionable information? Can I just vote along party lines? Does my vote actually count?

BYU Today

Roll Out the Blue Carpet

Three standout flicks provide a window into the BYU film program’s success in fiction.

Alumni News

Alumni News

The Sweet Tooth Solution

Megan Faulkner Brown creates bakeshop havens and wins honors—one cupcake at a time.

Alumni News

How Firm a Foundation

Homecoming 2012 honors a university icon: the 100-year-old Karl G. Maezer Building.

Out of the Blue