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How Will God Use You?

If you give your heart to God and walk in faith and compassion, He will use you in ways you cannot now imagine.


The Long Run

Adversity turned Jared Ward to the marathon. Smarts and grit propelled him to the finish.


So You Want to . . .

Double your money? Polish your moves? Feel at peace? Check out 25 things you could learn at BYU in the summer.


At the Y

At the Y

Post-Lecture Post

BYU students' gratitude for learning opportunities took a lecturer from New York University by surprise.

At the Y

The Big Q: Cheap Gas

BYU Magazine asks members of the community if cheap gas helps or hurts the economy.

At the Y

Meet Harold

The social-media persona of the Harold B. Lee Library is getting a generation of digital natives excited about books.

Storytelling is a way we can bring the world to each other—to bring our worlds together. —Sam Payne
At the Y

Long Story Short

For Sam Payne, storytelling and the guitar go hand-in-hand.

At the Y

Beats to Note

Noteworthy has myriad performing accomplishments, but the a cappella group is just gathering momentum.

At the Y

BYU’s Sound Pioneer

Former BYU professor Harvey Fletcher received a posthumous Technical Grammy Award for his contributions to the industry.

I was just in the zone. When I shot it, it felt good.
At the Y

Lights-Out Lexi

Hank Gathers held the WCC record for career points for 26 years—until a 5'10" BYU guard with a ponytail usurped him.

Alumni News

Alumni News

Lego upon Lego

The Van Wagenen family used Legos to teach their children scripture stories.

Alumni News

Learning for Life

How alumni use their BYU education to serve their communities, neighbors, and families.

It takes me back every time I look at them.
Alumni News

Backyard Muralist

A former European history professor recreates scenes from his favorite travel destinations as murals.

I was sort of a fish out of water in economics. My advisors did not know what to say to me.
Alumni News

Overseeing Studio C Shenanigans

Studio C has garnered a massive following on TV and online, thanks in large part to its director.