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Dining Morsels

Dining MorselsBy Paul O. Barrus, ‘03

* Preferred beverage on BYU campus: chocolate milk.

* Awards served: In the past five years, Dining Services has received five national dining awards, including the Ivy Award of Distinction, the Loyal E. Horton Dining Award, the Silver Plate Award, and the Minah Distinguished Service Award.

* Dining venues: There are 24 dining locations on campus. Dining Services also operates all food services for LDS Business College, MTC cafeteria, BYU special events, and the Joseph Smith Academy in Nauvoo.

* Meals served: Dining Services serves more than 45,000 meals daily.

* Employment opportunities: 1,700 students work for Dining Services, the largest employer at BYU.

* One of a kind: Creamery on Ninth is the only on-campus full-service grocery store in the nation.

* Waste not, want not: BYU recycles unused food by turning leftovers into animal feed and fertilizer. By using a new pulper machine, BYU has reduced its waste to one-eighth of its original amount.

* Food storage: The BYU Warehouse and Dining Services have the capacity to feed approximately 33,000 students for three days.