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Article Title Author Issue/page Subjects, Main Sources
Expanding the BYU Experience Rex E. Lee Aug 93, 3 Admissions, experience, graduation, enrollment, credit hours, education, scholarships, timely manner
Letters n/a Aug 93, 4-6 Lew and Barbara Crames, Ronald G. Felt, Keith and Connie Nicholson, Bernd Janeke, Anne Jones, Deborah M. Fowles, Kathleen Ann Meeks, Laurie A. Williams, Robert W. English, Paul E. Damron, Gilbert W. Fairholm, Paula Sabin Rogers, Jill L. Anderson, Carolyn Tripp, Ruth Anderson
BYU Home to North America's Largest 'Jurassic Park' Charlene R. Winters Aug 93, 7-8 Jurassic Park, largest collection, Jurassic era fossils, BYU stadium, John S. McIntosh, Wade E. Miller, Samuel Wells,Ultrasaurus, BYU Earth Science Museum, dinosaurs, DNA, Janita Andersen
BYU Announces New Administrative Appointments Brent Harker Aug 93, 8-9 Alan L. Wilkins, Clayne L. Pope, Paul A. Cox, Bruce L. Christensen, Sandra Rogers
Researchers Prove Succesful in Predicting Marital Satisfaction Jeff McClellan Aug 93, 9-11 Marriage, couples, communication, conflict, Howard J. Markman, Clifford I. Notarius, Camilla Eyring Kimball Chair in Home and Family Life, research, withdrawal, rules, Leah Marangu
BYU Receives Music Oscar Winner's Collection Charlene R. Winters Aug 93, 11 Academy Award-winning musician Ken Darby, The Wizard of Oz, Airport, Harold B. Lee Library's Special Collections and Manuscripts Department, studio sound tracks, recordings, Oscar statuettes, James A. Mason, James D'Arc
Archaeologist Works to Not Only Document But Also Preserve Utah's Rock Art Carri P. Jenkins Aug 93, 12 13 Shane A. Baker, Office of Public Archaeology, Clear Creek Canyon, rock art, petroglyphs, pictographs, National Environmental Policy Act, Archaeological Resources Protection Act,
Management Professor Lists Ways to Excel at Work Gail S. Sinnott Aug 93, 14 15 Success, 51 Ways to Save Your Job, E-plus habit, Paul Timm, employment market, honesty
New Technology from NASA May Improve Weather Prediction Julie Walker Aug 93, 15 16 David G. Long, scatterometer, NASA technology, ocean waves, weather, climate
New Issue of BYU Studies Now Available Jeff McClellan Aug 93, 16 BYU Studies, journal, Mormon studies, ideas, personal essays, poetry, articles
In the News n/a Aug 93, 17 S. Kent Brown, James M. Harper, Dennis L. Thompson, Carl S. Hawkins, Marcos Krieger, Adrian P. Larsen, Sallie Larsen, Douglas H. Parker, Larry H. Peer, David M. Randall, John R. Rosenberg, Marilyn Sehlmeier, Richelle Sumpter, Men's and Women's Racquetball team, John Robertson, Jeff Anderson, Todd Easton, Wes Luo, Clark Barrett
A Closer Look: Susan E. Howe Carri P. Jenkins Aug 93, 18 19 Poetry, Susan Elizabeth Howe, assistant professor of English, human experiences, teaching, writing
A New Light for the Arts Charlene Winters, Cecelia Fielding Aug 93, 20 26 BYU Museum of Art, James A. Mason, exhibitions, Rex E. Lee, Stuart Silver, James Langenheim, Vigie Day, Neil Hadlock,, Leonard Grasli
James A. Mason Charlene Winters Aug 93, 28 29 Museum of Art, Board of Trustees, fund raising, art, Virgie Day, director, Barlow Endowment
The Etruscans: Legacy of a Lost Civilization John F. Hall Aug 93, 30 37 "Year of the Etruscans," Vatican Museum's traveling exhibit, Etruscans, Italy, Roman influence, power, articfacts, Museum of Art
Covering a Changing World:The Challenge Confonting the US Press. n/a Aug 93, 38 43, 54-55 Robert MacNeil, Anne Garrels, Anthony Day, John Hughes, panel discussion, media, newspapers, television, radio, "interdependence," CNN, National Public Radio, Cold War, journalism, Soviet Union
Rise and Shout Dave Schulthess Aug 93, 44 46,56 Athletics, sports, physical contest, Karl G. Maeser, Alma Richards, Clint Larsen, Leona Holbrook, E.L. Roberts, George Ottinger Romney, Maud May Babcock, Floyd Millett
The Young Ambassadors: On the Road in Russia Charlene Winters Aug 93, 47 49 Young Ambassadors, "Tapestry: Weaving the Colors of Life," Michael Obst, Randy Boothe, LDS Church, Gary Browning, missionary work, Patrick Holt
Provo Provides Insights for Students from Former Soviet Union Jeff McClellan Aug 93, 50 52 LDS students, Soviet Union, Mikhail Sorokine, Alexander Feschenko, Katrin Roop, Nazar Tarasenko, Eastern European Scholarship Program, Jeffrey M. Tanner, Gary Browning, Rex E. Lee
Toward a Clearer Point of View Richard H. Cracroft Aug 93, 53 LDS-BYU-alumni authors, Every Stone a Sermon, Richard Neitzel Holzapfel, The Salt Lake Temple: A Monument to a People, C. Mark Hamilton, C. Nina Cutrubus, C.R. Savage, William Ward, Jr., Truman O. Angell, Sr., Joseph Don Carlos Young, Nelson Wadsworth, Set in Stone, Fixed in Glass: The Great Mormon Temple and Its Photographers, The Stones of the Temple
Outside the Envelope Lee Benson Aug 93, 58 59 Athletic director, Glen Tuckett, coaches, returned missionaries, football schedule, facilities, conference championships
Homecoming '93 to Celebrate 100 Years f Alumni Association Service Jeff McClellan Aug 93, 60 Homecoming '93, Don't Forget to Remember, George H. Bowie, Alumni Association, 100th anniversary, Founders Day, Art Exhibit 100, centennial celebration, Michael G. Handley, Robert Ruff, Gloria Firmage, Career Connections
BYU and Ricks College Sponsor Educational Conferences n/a Aug 93, 62 BYU, Ricks College, educational conferences, parents, students, admission requirements, scholarships, financial aid planning
Emeritus Alumni Association Plans Day on Campus n/a Aug 93, 62 Hello Day '93, Emeritus Alumni Association, Museum of Art, "mini-education week," Jau Fei Chen, Marvin C.J. Kuchar, Clayton M. White, Paul A. Cox, Susan Easton Black
New Brigham Young University Alumni Leaders Announced Abby Lay Aug 93, 63 J. Robert Driggs, Glenna Cooper Boyce, president BYU Alumni Association, president elect
New Alumni Passport Shows Benefits of Being a BYU Alum n/a Aug 93, 63 Alumni House, BYU Alumni Passport, Alumni Association, leaders, activities, facilities
BYU Word of Wisdom Study Seeks 5,000 Volunteers n/a Aug 93, 63 64 Health, diet, smoking, alcochol, exercise, study, BYU Long-Term Follow-Up Health Study, Gilbert W. Fellingham, A. Garth Fisher, Dennis Tolley
BYU Alumni Booster Tours for '93 Football Season Announced n/a Aug 93, 64 BYU Cougar Club, BYU Alumni Regional Councils, Alumni Tours, away-game opportunities, '93 football schedule
Alumni House Adopts New Address Policy n/a Aug 93, 65 Alumni Records Office, addresses, former students
Cougar License Plates n/a Aug 93, 65 Utah license plates, special edition, BYU symbol, BYU Alumni Replenishment Grant Fund, Department of Motor Vehicles
Alumni Association Offers Etruscan Weekends n/a Aug 93, 65 College of Fine Arts and Communications, Alumni Association, weekend campus packages, Etruscan exhibit, plays, dinners, basketball games
Bookstore Catalog Now Available n/a Aug 93, 66 BYU Bookstore Mail Order Catalog, 1993-94, BYU paraphernalia
Alumni Profiles n/a Aug 93, 66 67 Harold T. Christensen, Gary L. Huxford, Jaque Swenson, Charles D. Salisbury, B. Clair Eliason, Stanley E. Johnson, Warren E. Babcock, James L. Waite, Phoebe Wilkins James, R. Kent Blake, Grace Stitely Duffy, Stephen G. Burke, Marsha Wiltsey Fox, Gail Stringam Howe, Gary L. Sanford, Gregory S. Hill, Thomas Tunnell, Steve Benson, Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, Teri Chinn, Rosanne Grove Ainscough, William E. Winfield, David C. Bishop, Jeff Lemmon, Stephen M. Williams, Steven Saunders, Eric R. Dursteler, Ed Chang
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