Peter B. Gardner (BA ’98, MA ’04)

Associate Editors

Brittany Karford Rogers (BA ’07) Michael R. Walker (BA ’90)

Alumni Editor

Charlene Renberg Winters (BA ’73, MA ’96)

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Todd R. Michaelis (BA ’90)

Assistant Editors

Amanda Kae Fronk (BA ’09), Krista Holmes Hanby (BA ’11), Sara D. Smith (BA ’10)

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Bruce A. Patrick (BFA ’85)

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Michelle Sorensen (BFA ’10)

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Joy T. Weller


Melissa Hart (’14), Logan E. Havens (’14), Willem G. Kampenhout (’14), Jessica Jarman Reschke (’14), Samantha B. Roan (’18), Natalie Sandberg Taylor (’14), Breckyn Moore Wood (’13)

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A.J. Rich (BA ’01), Anthony H. Perez, Douglas B. Thomas (BFA ’08)


John C. Lewis (BA ’77, MBA ’79)

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Carri Phippen Jenkins (BA ’83, MA ’90)

Executive Editor

Jeffrey S. McClellan (BA ’94)

Advisory Committee

Tanise McIntire Chung-Hoon (BS ’89, PhD ’05), Executive Director, LDS Philanthropies BYU

John W. Dye (BA ’94, MA ’97), Alumni Association Board of Directors

Alan R. Harker, Associate Academic Vice President

Jeffrey D. Keith (BS ’77), Associate Academic Vice President

Derek A. Marquis (BA ’88, MBA ’03), Managing Director, BYU Broadcasting

Linda M. Palmer (BS ’71, MPA ’86), Executive Director, Alumni Association

Sandra Rogers (BS ’74), International Vice President

Janet S. Scharman, Student Life Vice President

Richard S. Stockton (MA ’73), Manager of Communications, LDS Philanthropies

D. Duff Tittle (BA ’90), Associate Athletic Director

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