Winter 2005 Issue



A Cougar Running the Utes

BYU alum Michael Young never dreamed of becoming a university president, much less president of the University of Utah.


Friends Amid the Feud

Despite war between BYU and the U of U on the playing field, in research the universities have become fast allies.


Reading for Truth

A bookworm of the highest order, Stephen Tanner has spent a lifetime culling meaning from literary works.



The face of need cries out for mercy and reminds us that we're all beggars.


Governing with Grace

Utah's first female governor has won supporters with her charm and has moved mountains with her abundant energy.



Amateurism and Excellence

Although counterintuitive, amateurism may be the key to promoting professional excellence.

BYU Today

BYU Today

Fighting the Tough Bugs

BYU is contracted to develop new antibiotics, which are being tested on burn victims who are vulnerable to infection.

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Alumni Report

Alumni Resources

Works and Progress

Works and Progress

Wilderness Explorations

At Camp WILD a team of students and professors helped at-risk boys discover their potential through challenging outdoor

Alumni Updates

College Updates

Speaker's Notes

Speaker's Notes

Looking Toward the Mark

Our spiritual destination is determined in large part by the direction we face.