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Rachel Jeppsen


Tracing the Great Plan of Happiness

Latter-day Saints’ distinctive worldview finds its way into most everything they write.


Becoming Her Best

A nurse implements the do-my-best philosophy to excel at school, work, and home.


The Instrument of Her Success

For Carianne Bacon, life is simply a series of mini-miracles that lead her to where she needs to be.


Bearing Assistance

Five members of the BYU football team helped Kim Yeoman have a close encounter with a bear cub.

Battling Fowl Breath
Summer 2005
A BYU researcher has sniffed out an unlikely source for data about bird behavior—bird breath
Group Mentality
Spring 2005
Collaborative groups congregate all over campus, each student depending on others.
Students at Work
Spring 2005
Take a look at some of the jobs BYU students have on campus.
Earthquake Education
Spring 2005
In 1997 Harris predicted the recent earthquakes and the deadly tsunami that hit Sumatra last December.