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Margaret J. Sheffield


Going Forth: Y We Sing

A Chinese couple has exported “the BYU way” of music performance to their homeland.


Going Forth: Seeing Human to Human

An alumna in Houston has mustered the “Minivan Brigade” to provide relief for refugee families.


Going Forth: City of Storms

Paul Solouki’s love of service powers him through heat and mess while he cleans up after New Orleans’s latest hurricane.


Going Forth: A Mile in Their Shoes

An immigrant herself, Natalia Benjamin's Minnesota classroom is a safe haven for refugee and immigrant students.

Going Forth: Dear Divine Daughters
Winter 2022
These alumna sisters are teaching young girls about the women in the Bible in their book, Dear Divine Daughters.
Kids, Start Your Engines
Winter 2022
BYU Alumni and The Startup Academy have helped more than 300 teens start small businesses.