International Year of Astronomy

400 years since Galileo first pointed a telescope at the night sky

6,000 stars can be projected in the Royden G. Derrick Planetarium in the Eyring Science Center

3 galaxies viewable in the planetarium: Andromeda, Large Magellanic Cloud, Small Magellanic Cloud

100 million light-years to the farthest object observed with BYU’s David Derrick telescope

Mathletes 2009

Mathletes Michael J. Griffin (’11), Donald C. Sampson (’10), and Sam Dittmer (’14)

Crunching Numbers

23 out of 404: BYU’s ranking among math teams at the Putnam Competition, the most prestigious math competition in the United States and Canada

54th: BYU freshman Sam Dittmer’s place out of 3,627 Putnam contestants

12 institutions whose students received honorable mention or better, including BYU, Harvard, and MIT

2/2: answer to the competition problem, “What is the largest possible radius of a circle contained in a four-dimensional hypercube of side length 1?”

Family Matters

52 studies conducted by marriage and family scholars at BYU in the past six years

4 of the 8 most published family therapy scholars in the United States are at BYU

2nd most cited author of family therapy research in the United States: BYU professor Russell D. Crane (MS ’78)

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