Permission to Laugh

Faced with an ALS diagnosis, Chris and Lisa Clark gave themselves—and everyone else—permission to laugh at the disease.

At the Y

Q&A: Seeking Truth and Wisdom

Top of Mind host Julie Rose shares how—in a time of division and “fake news”—she gathers trustworthy information.

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At the Y

When COVID-19 Struck

A winter semester like no other—with events canceled, classes online, grading adjusted, and social lives disrupted.


Can You Feel God’s Love?

God's love is always there. If you can’t fully sense it, your spiritual receptors may need healing.

Cougs You Should Know

Alumni News

Going Forth

Daniel Wallentine hoped to make it big on Broadway. When that didn't pan out, he used his voice in NYC to serve.

Alumni News

In Good Hands

Olympic Games? World Cups? Karen Bybee has done it all, but the core of her leadership starte at BYU.

Alumni News

The Spirit of the Land

Artist Michael R. Workman, influenced by tonalist painter George Inness, paints the spiritual qualities of rural Utah.

Alumni News

Savory Summer Faves

The Marostica family shares a recipe for jicama mango salad and pork chop marinade from their Berkeley kitchen.

Fun Stuff

At the Y

Painting with Bacteria

Who says biologists can’t be artists? BYU MMBio and Art Beat Club students create masterpieces out of colorful bacteria.

Out of the Blue

A Swashbuckling Win

BYU’s Center for Animation’s video game Avast Ye! wins big at the Intel University Games Showcase.

First Person

Partying in Provo

BYU alumni recall creative student parties at the nation’s most stone-cold-sober school.

From Our News Section

At the Y

Q&A: Fighting COVID-19

BYU virus expert and professor Brett Pickett gives us the low-down on how covid-19 compares to other novel viruses.

At the Y

Delivery, Service

BYU student finds healing in serving the elderly and at-risk by delivering groceries to their doors.

At the Y

King of Zoom

When school went remote, Trevor Lemmons made the most of it by dressing up each day in a different costume on Zoom.

Thoughtful Reads

Letters From Home

Call Your Mom

For this alumna, phone conversations about little things help to fill the lonely spaces.

Family Focus

Finances in a Pandemic

With so many unknowns, a BYU dean—and household finance expert—shares pointers to help gain stability.

At the Y

Tales from Quarantine

Looking for some new reads during quarantine? BYU professors suggest these books to escape the world for a moment.

Alumni News

Mothers of Invention

Most BYU alumni have had to innovate and adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic.