How to Win @ Online Learning

Love it or loathe it, online learning is here to stay. See how BYU experts are navigating the new currents of edtech.


Symbiotic Pathways to Truth

Choose faith until you better understand science—or until science can provide better explanations.

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Family Focus

Seeing Differences

Beginning with their own example, parents can teach their children to be loving and inclusive.

The Y Report

The Miracle of People

BYU alumna Hannah Larson shares the light of others on her Instagram account @HumansofBYU.

Out of the Blue

Here Be Dragons

To map the history of the colorful dragonfly, the NSF granted $2.3 million to a BYU life-sciences research team.

Cougs You Should Know

True Blue

Owed to the Fallen

This grad’s goal is to tell the stories of 400,000-plus fallen servicemen and women.

True Blue


Mark Bigelow found a new light in his life (literally) when he began making stained glass art.

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Going Forth

Tiffany Spence sees dignity and divinity in people everywhere.

True Blue

Return of the Ring

After five decades and a little detective work, a class ring found its way back to Eric Paul.

Fun Stuff

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Family Photo

With adult children, coordinating a photo shoot should be easy, right?

First Person

Best Ward Ever

Grads recall inspiring church leaders, meetings, and activities.

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Crispy Treats

Alumni crafted BYU-themed rice crispy treats.

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The Y Report

Miscellaneous Glory

Alien planets? UFOs? Photographer Daniel George's latest work features something more mundane: the Utah Jell-O salad.

The Y Report

Tweet Others Kindly

Q&A with BYU social media manager on internet trolls and avoiding negativity online.

The Y Report

Perfectly Odd

BYU professor Pace Nielsen is on a mission to solve a centuries-old math problem: the odd perfect number.

Thoughtful Reads

The Y Report

Charity Never Waiteth

Jesse and Amanda Knight lived lives of service and made significant financial contributions to BYU.

The Y Report

Space Selfies

This NASA-sponsored “selfie space cam” cheaply and safely monitors the condition of spacecraft.

The Y Report

On the Front Lines

BYU student nurses stepped up to carry out voluntary COVID-19 testing on campus.

The Y Report

Heritage Walls

Created with input from a Native American advisor, a BYU mural displays an interaction between pioneers and the Lakota.