Alumni News

Getting the Scoop

Curiosity, drive, and a passion for dairy—this BYU alum is one of the country’s top ice-cream experts.


Loyal, Strong, True

In one alum’s memory, fall and football are inseparable from father.

At the Y

A Handy Way to Rep the Y

This hand symbol seen around the world hearkens back to an LDS fisherman. Now it reps the Y.

From the Current Issue

Alumni News

SCOTUS clerks

BYU alumni who have served as SCOTUS clerks have rich memories of being mentored by the justices.

Alumni News

Courage Amid Affliction

Susa Young Gates (fifth from left) was a steady servant for women, the Church, and BYU.


Thou Mayest

By using our agency to learn, we increase our agency—and our ability to do good.

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

Leap of Faith

Taysom S. Hill (’16) has jumped over, around, and through defenses and into the Heisman discussion.

Out of the Blue

Lucky Number 13

As the 13th president of BYU, Kevin J Worthen expressed his hope that a BYU education will lift and transform students.

Out of the Blue

Boards of Education

Karl G. Maeser's legacy lives on, including his inspired messages preserved on three 104-year-old chalkboards.