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MARCH 1991

Article Title Author Issue/page Subjects, Main Sources
Ronald Reagan Addresses BYU Students n/a March 91, 6 power, spirit, president, Marriot Center, Rex E. Lee, United States, history, idealism, Iraq, Persian Gulf, Gorbachev, Baltic, Adolph Hitler, AIDS, humanity
Clothing Play Important Role in Teens' Social Development Carri P. Jenkins March 91, 7 8 Esprit, Dr. Charlene Lind, adolescence, clothing, acceptance, friendship, conflict, parent-child, skirt, backpack
LDS Writers' Workshop to Be Held at BYU-Hawaii n/a March 91, 9 BYU-Hawaii, LDS Writers' Workshop, Orson Scott Card, jack Weyland, Lael Littke, Janice Kapp Perry
Women's Conference at BYU to Feature More Than 50 Topics n/a March 91, 9 Olga Kovarova, Children and Young People Center, Czechoslovakia, panels, presentations, Carol Lee Hawkins, Edith Krause, Germany, Elaine L. Jack, Marion D. Hanks, Elouise M. Bell
McClain Bybee Named Director of Development n/a March 91, 9 McClain Bybee, Donor Services, LDS Foundation, Development, Rex E. Lee, Marriott School of management, Ronald G. Hyde, Las Vegas
Frequent Television Viewing and Lack of Fitness Linked Cecelia Fielding March 91, 10 TV, remote control, Dr. Larry Tucker, 9,000, employees, fitness, television viewing, obesity, cardiovascular, cable
Sandra Day O'Connor Heads BYU Moot Court Panel n/a March 91, 12 legal writing, Sandra Day O'Connor, BYU Moot Court, lawyer, law, hypothetical, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Frank Altimari, Frank Easterbrook, Jill Covington, kelly Dunaway, John Pinkney, petitioner, David Cole, John Hyer, Andrew Williams, respondent, Dean's Cup, Rex E. Lee
Job Search n/a March 91, 12 13 Psychology, Ceramics/Sculpture, BYU Hawaii,k Electronics Engineerings, Manufacturing Engineering
Musicians Often at High Risk for Injuries Cecilia Fielding March 91, 14 15 pain, gain, Rosalie Pratt, Estonia, education, therapy, medicine, shoulders, wrists, lower back, vocal nodes, throat, finger, chins, practice, over-rehearsing, arthritis
Millet Named Dean, Other Positions Announced in BYU Religious Education n/a March 91, 14 Robert L. Millet, Donald Q. Cannon, Larry E. Dahl, Leon R. Hartshorn, Stephen E. Robinson
Truman G. Madsen To Direct BYU Jerusalem Center n/a March 91, 16 Dr. Truman G. Madsen, philosophy, Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies, Rex E. Lee, George A. Horton, Ann Nicholls Madsen, Jerusalem Center Academic Coordinating Committee, Judeo-Chistian Studies
Oliver Smith Dies n/a March 91, 16 Oliver R. Smith, journalism education, Communications Department
Out of Your Experience Here Gordon B. Hinckley March 91, 18 21, 35-37 trustees, university, institution, Ernest L. Wilkinson, faculty, Church, Harold B. Lee, President Holand, President Oaks, President Lee, take, intellectual, discipline, commencement, leadership, Frederick Hegel, fellowship, strength
The Edge of the Light Boyd K. Packer March 91, 22 24, 38-43 General Authority, Harold B. Lee, David O McKay, Book of mormon, Moroni, S. Normon Lee, Alma Sonne, learn, taught, Vietnam War, Cyrus Vance, Bridham Young University, Rex E. Lee, trustee, Church, hospitals, tithes, offerings, funds, faculty, staff, Western Somoa, John H. Groberg, Wayne Shute, Faala, Jesus Christ
Not a Mind Without a Soul John S. Tanner March 91, 26 29, 44 Hinckley Scholarship, winners, scholarships, The Brothers Karamoziv, Milton, Satan, Shakespeare, Rhodes Scholarship, Celestial Kingdom, John Bunyan, George herbert, The Chosen, tzaddiks, Christ, love
After the Revolution: The Reemergence of Values Carri P. Jenkins March 91, 30 34 Czechoslovak, Communist Party, Olga Kavarova, education, pedagogue, Ethics and Morality Department, Children and Young People Center, masaryk Univerversity, Christian, LDS Church, Protestatn, Mormon, Edwin B. Morrell, yoga, missionary, freedom, ethics, morality
The Future is Today Dick Harmon March 91, 45 48 Marriott Center, Mark Philbrick, Shawn Bradley, Roger Reid, Castle Dale, Utah, WAC, Utes, Rick Majerus, BYU, UNLV, freshman
Sports Shorts n/a March 91, 48 Basketball, Kirk Davidson, Lisa Rathbun, Mo Wolthuis, Lisa White, cross country, Nicole Birk, diving, Amy Matheson, Vanessa Bergman, football, Ty Detmer, gymnastics, Marianne Squires, Jason Brown, swimming, Hiroko nagasaki, tennis, Brad Pearce, Wayne Pearce, Evica Kiljanin, Monika Kobilkova, Jackike Moe, Alecha Hallmark, track and field, Ben Johnson, Frank Fredericks, Dave Brannen, Karsi Leppaluoto, Alisa Wise, wrestling, Mark Shultz
Career Network Seeks Alumni Volunteers n/a March 91, 2 photo-journalists, archaeologists, attorneys, business executives, BYU Career Network, alumni
Alumni Book Nook Richard H. Cracroft March 91, 3-4 Jack Weyland, Susan Evans McCloud, Shirley Sealy, jaroldeen A. Edwards, Barbara Elliot Snedecor, Blaime aM. and Breton G. Yorgason, Ken Miller, Shane Baker, Susan Dean Smallwood, Carroll Hofeling Morris, Kristin D. Randle, Paris Anderson, Lee Nelson, Orson F. Whitney, Mormon, Orson Scott Car, Saints, The Red Prophet, Levi S. Peterson, The Backslider, David Wooley, Beatrice Cannon, Juanita Brooks: Mormon Woman HistorianHarvest: Contemporary Mormon poems, Chris Heimerdinger, Tennis Shoes among the Nephites, Douglas H. thayer, mr. wahlquist in yellostone, Larry E. Morris, The Edge of the Reservoir, Pauline Mortensen, Back Before the World, Turned Nasty, Paradise Vue, Kathryn H. Kidd, Neal Chandler, Sideways to the Sun, Donald R. Marshall, The Enchantress of Crubledown, Robert H. Moss, The Nephite Chronicles
1990-91 Award Nominees Sought n/a March 91, 7 Alumni Association, banquet, Alumni Distinguished Service Award, Alumni Service to Family Award, Honorary Alumni Award
Reunions: The Alumni Association Can help You Organize A Reunion With Your College Friends n/a March 91, 7-8 25 reunions, classes, athletic teams, clubs, social units, BYU colleges, departments, performing groups, students wards and informal groups, assistance
Admissions Firesides, Scholarship Efforts Highlight Off-Campus Activities to Date n/a March 91, 8-9 statistics, Tom Gourley, scholarships, homecoming, World Senior Games, Holiday Bowl game, firesides
How You Can Help Solve Society's Problems n/a March 91, 9 world, Mark Woodruff, gifted, training, Karl G. Maeser scholarships, recipients
Aspen Gorve Plans for 1991 Season n/a March 91, 10 camping, Aspen Grove Family Camp, 15,000 guests, Huish Activity Center
New "800" Telephone Number Will Help Serve Alumni's Needs; In addition, a new computer will simplify record--keeping tools n/a March 91, 10 Alumni Association, information,
Profiles n/a March 91, 11 15 Wilford E. Smith, Robert L. Fennessy, H. George Frederickson, Scott H. Nelson, Elizabeth L. Nichols, Kent E. Myers, David W. Allan, L. Demoyne Bekker, M. David Merrill, Mack P. Whittaker, Judith Firmage Wolgramm, David L. Allred, Jan Fisher, Steven P. Epperson, Pamela C. Hronek, Stephen D. Nadauld, James Swan, Peggy Garner Akin, Charles Chun Jr., W. Kent Fairchild, J. Kenneth Mangum, Michael K. Muhlestein, Robert L. Turner, Gary Anderson, Barry L. Haymore, John C. Turpin, William D. Wallace, Lynette David, Nina Taft Gray, Mark H. Jasinski, Timothy R. Larsen, Larry J. Masco, J. Lance Garner, G. Kevin Jones, Richard M. Atwater, Kenneth V. Crossley, Hal B. Jenson, James E. Smith, Lyn W. Egbert, Kevin D. Bennett, Stephen W. Forbes, Steven D. King, David laughlin, Steven N. Talbot, Allen Williams, Brian M. Haderlie, Lynda Cook, Linda Rollins Bagley, marilyn Fowler, Bryan Mangus, Ronald K. Bodtcher, Ronald R. Rafajko, Daniel A. Sroufe, Andrew Gale, John R. Grout, Craig F. Jorgenson, kevin Knutson, Barry L. Papen Fuss, Dwight M. Walsh, Cathy Thompson, Scott Bramhall, Paul R. Gilbert John T. Mansfield, Gary J. Holdsworth, Patricia Fritazche Masher, Patricia Pascual
   MARCH 1991