Article Title Author Issue/page Subjects, Main Sources
J. Reuben Clark: The Man and the Message Bruce C. Hafen Sept 88, 2-3 J. Reuben Clark Law School, Howard W. Hunter, Briham Young, Marion G. Romney, Columbia Law School, ranks of men, mind, heart, attitude, church service
Conference Stresses Research on Local History n/a Sept 88, 5-6 G. Wesley Johnson, BYU Comunity History Conference, Elizabeth Schoenfeld, John K. Carmack, Davis Bitton, Chad Orton, Mormons
BYU Students Wins Bachauer Piano Competition Charlene Renberg Winters Sept 88, 6-9 Xiang-dong Kong, Chinese Cultural Revolution, piano, Lin Yu-lin, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Fan Da-lei, Gina Bachauer International Piano Competition, Paul Pollei
BYU Wins National Award for Physical Facilities Management n/a Sept 88, 8-9 Association of Physical Plant Administrators, Excellence in Facilities Management Award, Walt Schaw, Doug Christensen, Jeffrey R. Holland, Ed cozzens
Temple Presidents Called from BYU n/a Sept 88, 9 Russell N. Horiuchi, Paul V. Hyer, Spencer J. Palmer
Religion ClausesProvide Fruitful Source of Litigation n/a Sept 88, 10 11 Constitution, Rex E. Lee, Congress, Free Exercise Clause, Establishment Clause, First Amendment, Supreme Court, District Court, religion
BYU Announces New Bio-Ag and Education Deans n/a Sept 88, 12 Jeffrey R. Holland, Clayton S. Huber, Food Science and Nutrition Department, Dan W. Anderson, College of Education
Martin Hickman Named Director of ByU Jerusalem Center n/a Sept 88, 12 13 Martin B. Hickman, College of Family, Home and Social Sciences, Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies, Jeffrey R. Holland, David B. Galbraith
In the News n/a Sept 88, 13 Joseph O. Baker, Perry Carter Jr., Douglas Chabries, Kay B. Franz, Randall L. Jones, Reba L. Keele, John B. Stohlton
Rats on Cocaine Fatigue Early Carri P. Jenkins Sept 88, 14 15 cocaine, Exercise Biochemistry Laboratory, rats, treadmills, Robert K. Conlee, Mark E. Bracken, Journal of Applied Physiology
On the Move n/a Sept 88, 15 Daniel L. Decker, Alan F. Keele, S. Neil Rasband
The Odometer: Symbol of the Old West Brent Harker Sept 88, 16 odometer, Norman Edward Wright, Repository of Historical Counting Devices, John W. Gunnison, Pah Vant
Study Faith and The Book of Mormon John W. Welch Sept 88, 18 24 Book of Mormon, President Benson, Holy Ghost, restoration, Jesus Christ, Kirtland, covenants, Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery, 85 days, Hugh Nibley, King Benjamin, lawyer, Law of Moses, Alma 36, chiasmus, temptation, temple, Isaiah
Maria Theresia von Paradis: Seeing the Light of Day Carri P. Jenkins Sept 88, 25 27, 35-38 Hidemi Matsushinta, pianist, Mozart, Antonio salieri, dancer, singer, Jamie Weaver, blind, Barbara Jackson, Harrison Powley, Vienna, Frranz Anton Mesmer, Johann Riedinger, Arlan Card, Glenn Palmer, Sicilienne, Samuel Dushkin
The Connections of the Continents Nancy Bringhurst Perkins Sept 88, 28 32 Oscar Carranza-Castañeda, paleontologist, Wade E. Miller, Mexico, Institute of Geology, bones, fossils, South American, Fernando Ortega, Guanajuato
Alice Louise Reynolds: A Reminiscence Ralph A. Britsch Sept 88, 39 41 Alice Louise Reynolds, English, Snow College, Lucy Phillips, Tennyson, Browning, England, Near East, Relief Society
From the Four Corners to Campus Ralph R. Zobell Sept 88, 43 46 Stefan Fernholm, Sweden, Timothy Hesse, Eric Akogyiram, Ghana, Singapore, NgYue Meng, David Lim, Jim Gee Oon, Jim Teik Oon, Sweden, Johan Jonasson, Kresimir Cosic, Zdravko Mincek, Raimo Pihl, Pertti Pousi, Phileon Robinson, Clarence Robison, Alma Heaton, Marv Roberson, Scandanavia, Philippines, Africa, Rafael Ponce, Ecuador, NCAA, Makoto Sakamoto, Glen TuckettAustralia, Noeleen Mullan
Sports Shorts n/a Sept 88, 46 47 Mark Willes, Gary Schoonover, Mike Littlewood, John DeSilva, Sean Covey, Rafael Ponce, Ramon Brobio, Gary Howard, Paula Suarez, Johan Jonasson, Bob Gauthier, Kristian Johansson, David Lim Jim Gee Oon, Ng Yue Meng, Tristan Baker-Schultz, Jim Osborne, Susanna Lee, Michelle Taylor, Eric Akogyiram, Timothy Hesse, Stefan Fernholm, Ed Eyestone, Doug Padilla, henry Marsh, Noeleen Mullan, Elaine Michaelis, Ray Leonard, Ollie Julkunen, Sherald James, Carl McGown
I Married a Quarterback Michael Rutter Sept 88, 48 football, outdoors, elk, deer, fish, married, quarterback, Catching Trophy Trout, Shari, BYU football, John Wayne
Six Named for Honors; Jeffrey Holland To Speak n/a Sept 88, 2-3 Clarence Robison, Paul Edmunds, Lucille covey Richards, Lynette Cowley, Val Sheffield, Henrietta Hogan
Virginia Rigs, Veteran Alumni Relations Staff, Sets Retirement September 1 n/a Sept 88, 3 Virginia H. riggs, programs, alumni relations staff, retiring
"Special" BYU Alumnus Heads Summer Games in Georgia n/a Sept 88, 4 Bill Allen, Georgia, special Olympics, Joe Ellsworth
Galbraith Will Lead Alumni for Academic Year 1988-89 n/a Sept 88, 4 Richard J. Galbraith, alumni association president
Regional Council News and Notes n/a Sept 88, 5 Salt Lake City, Portland, Seattle, Boise, Denver, LA, San Diego, Southern Utah, Oakland, Sacramento, Atlanta, San Francisco, Pocatello, Chicago
Eight BYU Faculty Receive Karl G. Maeser Awards n/a Sept 88, 6-7 Dell K. Allen, David Kirkwood Hart, ronald A. Heiner, Elouise M. Bell, S. Olani Durrant, Richard H. Jackson, A. Woodruff Miller, Chantal P. Thompson
Alumni Urged to Study, Get Degrees through Continuing Education n/a Sept 88, 9 degree, Independent Study, Continuing EducationSteven L. Barrett
Frosh Get "TLC" in Survival Kits n/a Sept 88, 9 "Finals Week Survival Kits" , freshmen, Student Alumni Association
Students, Professionals talk Jobs at Annual "Career Connections" n/a Sept 88, 10 "Career Connections", Alumni House
Twelve H.S. Teachers Win Students Alumni Awards n/a Sept 88, 10 Excellence in Teaching Awards, Marian G. Martin, Don E. Ward, Claudia Wright, Julie Hewlett, Jacuelyn S. Chavis, helen Ward, Leland A. flinders, Larry R. Kimball, Jack E. Moninger, Nick Ferentinos, Wesley F. Player, Mary Lu Barry
BYU Alumni Tours and Expeditions n/a Sept 88, 11 Utah Overnighter, Miami, football, Mexico, Church History, Shakespearean Festival
   SEPTEMBER 1988